Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme

Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme
Online Coaching Sessions

Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME or Fibromyalgia?

Are you struggling with Fatigue from Long Covid?

Do you recognise any of these?

Then the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme is for you

How do I start on my Recovery Journey?

Holistic Approach to Recovery

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME & Fibromyalgia are multi-faceted conditions that require a multi-disciplinary team approach, to ensure you have the right support at each phase of your recovery.

Amanda also works with clients who are struggling with fatigue from Long Covid. Any virus, be it Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Coronavirus (COVID-19) or another virus can be one of the tipping points for Chronic Fatigue. Studies are now showing the link between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid. 

That is why as Specialist Chrysalis Effect Practitioners we work as part of a team, to ensure that your Recovery Programme is always client focused, where your needs always come first.

How does the Recovery Programme work

The Recovery Programme is made up of an Online Supported Recovery Programme alongside Wellbeing Coaching sessions with a Specialist Chrysalis Effect Practitioner like Amanda.

Having gone through the Recovery Programme herself, she was so impressed with the results that she trained as a Specialist Chrysalis Effect Practitioner in 2011. Amanda has now taken her training to the highest level within the Chrysalis Effect Team and become an Advanced Specialist Practitioner, with additional training in Family Dynamics, Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experience ACE, Personal Empowerment and have regular professional Supervision as a Specialist Practitioner.

Our experience shows that to get the best results from the Online Recovery Programme we always recommend that you have one to one Wellbeing Coaching  sessions with a Specialist Practitioner, who can tailor the Online Recovery Programme to your individual needs and provide additional complementary therapies where needed.

Amanda guides you to bring about a clearer understanding of your issues or concerns, helping you to re-frame and interpret them, then helping you move forward to the goals that you wish to achieve. Using other Complementary Therapies she can delve deeper to the underlaying causes that maybe keeping you stuck. 

Wellbeing Coaching sessions are online via Zoom, so distance is not a problem and you can work with me from the comfort of your own home. Online sessions work really well with doing Emotional Freedom Technique EFT or Tapping, Mental Field Technique MFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Online Recovery Programme

40 week fully support recovery programme

online program

Wellbeing Coaching – Online

One to one Wellbeing Coaching to support you whilst you are on the Online Recovery Programme

Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Wheel

8 Areas of the Wellbeing Wheel

The Online Recovery Programme and the Wellbeing Coaching sessions are designed to teach, coach and mentor you through the 8 key areas of Recovery. 

Each area will help you discover more about you and what you need to address for your underlying physical and emotional causes of pain and symptoms. 

The Recovery Programme has proven prevention and recovery focused protocols.

What is a Discovery Call?

During your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, Amanda will talk a little about your Health Profile and how working one to one with her can improve your wellness and increase your happiness.

The Discovery Call is the best way to get your personal questions answered about how Wellbeing Coaching works and how Amanda is able to support you.

Initial Consultation plus Bonus Package

At your Initial Consultation Amanda will discuss your Full Health Profile in more detail and help you to pinpoint which of areas would be essential for you to focus on first.

During all of your coaching sessions Amanda maintains an open, welcoming curiosity with regard to whatever is present, without judgement.

She facilitates your Personal Recovery Journey of self-reflection and self-revelation that will transform how you move forward from your starting point with skill and wisdom.

During your Initial Consultation Amanda will introduce you to the Tapping Technique (EFT or MFT) this helps to regulate your nervous system especially while you are discussing sensitive topics. 

How do I start on my Recovery Journey?

Complementary Therapies included in your Package of Care

To compliment your Wellbeing Coaching sessions I also offer the following Complementary Therapies, these are included in your Package of Care. 

Please Note that the Online Recovery Programme is not part of the Package of Care

The Online Recovery Programme is supplied by The Chrysalis Effect CIC and monthly payments are made directly to them. The first 30 days are FREE. 

The Wellbeing Coaching sessions are supplied by Amanda and payments are made directly to her as your Lead Practitioner.

If referrals for additional treatments are made such as Nutritional Therapy then payment is made directly to the Referral Practitioner and is not covered under my Package of Care. Other Referral Practitioners may have their own Packages of Care. 

Found out more about the Online Recovery Programme

Want to find out more about the Online Recovery Programme then click on the purple button below.

Don’t forget to book your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call before you go and to mention Amanda Collins on your Health Profile Form  

" Having Amanda as a coach has been a great experience which has transformed me. When we first met I was unable to sit up. She has guided me through the process of recovery. She has reassured me at every stage and has been a light in the darkness. I recommend her to anyone suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue."
Carol, S

Term and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions for Restoring Balance Wellness Clinic can be found here. 

The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme is owned by The Chrysalis Effect CIC and their Terms can be found here 

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