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Matrix Reimprinting
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What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting it is a technique that connects you with your past traumas and core beliefs and safely enables you to reframe your beliefs to positive ones, supporting your wellness in the now.

Whereas EFT (Tapping) is like watching a movie, Matrix Reimprinting is like being in a play, where you can play an interactive role and choose what needs to be changed to support your ‘younger you’.

In other words, we go into a memory transforming and releasing the negative emotions, this then changes the learned neural pathways and makes new neural pathways that connect to positive emotions with that memory. Doing this helps stop the triggers associated with these old memories.

In Matrix Reimprinting we work with the ‘younger you’ called an ECHO, in other therapies they may be called your ‘Inner Child’ and in Internal Family Systems we call them Exiles, which is a hurt part of ourselves. With Matrix Reimprinting we can also work on the present and future you too.

Unlike talking therapies, Matrix Reimprinting does not need to go over past events repeatedly. Depending whether it is a small or big trauma decides where we enter a past event. We go in after the event for big traumas so as not to retraumatise.

ACE little girl trauma

We always do this from a place of safety, which is of paramount importance.

Together we would then help move the ‘younger you’ through the freeze response using tapping, help to resource them and reframing negative beliefs. This technique works well for any traumatic experience. 

As an Internal Family Systems Informed Coach I also add in Parts works too and Family Constellation work where we explore inherited family trauma and beliefs.

Why do belief systems and our past traumas matter?

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality. If we can change our beliefs, we can change anything!

When we store a traumatic event in our memory, whether a small or large trauma, we store a memory of what happened alongside the strong emotion that went with it. The strong emotion fuels that memory and keeps it alive.

The strong emotion fuels that memory and keeps it alive. Our subconscious mind does not know that event happened only yesterday or twenty years ago and it thinks it is still happening now and can keep us in a state of red alert looking for future danger.

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red alert button

So when something ‘triggers’ us, be that an action, smell, feeling or anything else that is similar to the original trauma, our subconscious mind looks at these past stored events and tries to take actions to protect us in the now.

Science now proves that our subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than the conscious mind

We form our beliefs from past learning experiences and traumas and because they are held in our subconscious mind they are running in the background of all the decisions we make.

Matrix Reimprinting is a bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds and enables us to find the root causes of old negative patterns and beliefs by Reimprinting events that are stored in our subconscious.

So what does a Matrix Reimprinting session look like?

We work together online, so you would find a comfortable place to sit where you feel safe and not overheard. I guide you at every step through the process. You can either talk aloud during the process or have the conversations in your mind, this way you can share only as much as you are comfortable with. A Matrix Reimprinting session last for 1 hour.

An example session may look like this:

  • We would start with some deep breathing to relax and centre you.
  • Together we come up with your safety strategy.
  • After briefly talking about the issue you come up with, we would then do some tapping on the acupressure points whilst I ask you some simple questions.
  • This would lead to a sensation in your body which we then get to know a little more.
  • We explore previous times you felt like this and then choose one of those memories to work with.
  • In your imagination you see your ‘younger self’ (ECHO) who you introduce yourself to. It is important that you do not become your ‘younger self’ so we always make sure that you are disassociated from them and act as a facilitator in their healing.
  • In your imagination you would tap on your ‘younger you’ helping them move through the ‘freeze’ stress response.
  • We would then listen (witness) how your ‘younger you’ feels, and ask them what resources they need, this could be physical things, someone else to be there or something totally made up.
  • We ask them what belief was made that day.
  • We would ask what actions your ‘younger you’ would like to take. Maybe do some more tapping either on them or someone else that is in the memory.
  • When your ‘younger you’ feels complete we move forward to Reimprinting a new memory bringing in positive attributes and a new positive belief.
  • We engage all of our 5 senses and bring in colour which is the language of the subconscious, Reimprinting this new belief.

Then as homework, you will Reimprint this new belief, making new positive neural pathways.

How many sessions do I need?

This varies from client to client and depends on how open a client’s subconscious mind is and whether there are any ‘protective part’ playing their role. 

Matrix Reimprinting is such a powerful technique and it still amazes me how quickly my client’s symptoms can improve even after just one or two session.

Matrix Reimprinting is one of my techniques that I include in my Wellbeing Package of Care, however if you would only like to do Matrix Reimprinting with no Coaching or other therapies I would recommend starting off with 3 sessions, to give yourself time to trust in the process and to go a little deeper each time. Of course you can also book single sessions if you prefer.

I would recommend having a Matrix Reimprinting session every 4 to 6 weeks. 

If you buy a Wellbeing Coaching Package of Care, Matrix Reimprinting is included in the price.

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