Mental Field Technique MFT

Mental Field Technique MFT
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What is Mental Field Technique MFT ?

Mental Field Technique MFT, also known as Tap & Tone, is based on the simple recognition that emotional stress and pain often arise when the mental body separates from the physical body as a result of trauma.

This is a completely unconscious process for most of us. MFT often brings fast, long-lasting results and works alongside Dr. Klinghardt’s The 5 Levels of Healing model. 

The 5 Levels of Healing diagram

Dr Klinghardt developed this technique from Roger Callahan’s work (they were students together). Gary Craig developed Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Dr Klinghardt created MFT.

Having been an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner for years, I can see how powerful MFT is and especially in helping my clients who seem stuck.

Mental Field Technique (MFT) is one of Dr Klinghardt’s favourite psycho-emotional therapies and an important aspect of A.R.T. (Autonomic Response Testing) work (which I am a certified ART Practitioner in).

It is a fast-acting, non-invasive intervention with a range of applications to address problems that may have originated from either physical or psychological issues.

The multitude of stressors in our environment exhaust our ability to self-regulate our system so our system gets stuck in pathological states. 

Instead of putting the client on yet another supplement, often this requires just a gentle nudge to free the system up so MFT or “tap and tone” is our first option as it is a powerful application of the principles of acupuncture.

MFT is divided into three parts:

Part A focuses on various neurological techniques. Part B focuses on neurological/psychological techniques. Part C focuses on the Family system (Family Constellations, which I am also trained in).

  1. Neurological Techniques • The jumping point / eye movements • Colour glasses: activating the limbic system
  2. Neurological/Psychological Techniques • Releasing feelings that you carry for someone else • Healing the broken bond: the Irina Prekop technique • 20 min. Writing technique (Pennebaker) • Direct Method: releasing adverse energetic patterns • Activating the Inner Healer (after Sandy Radomski) • Contacting and correcting depleting influences
  3. Working with the Family System • Family dynamics and the natural orders • Developing and working with the Genogram • Downward causation and health • Energetics of the family constellation work.

How many sessions do I need?

This varies from client to client and depends on how open a client’s subconscious mind is and whether there are any ‘protective part’ playing their role. 

Mental Field Technique is one of my techniques that I include in my Wellness Packages, however if you would only like to do Mental Field Technique with no Coaching or other therapies I would recommend starting off with 3 sessions, to give yourself time to trust in the process and to go a little deeper each time. Of course you can also book single sessions if you prefer.

I would recommend having a Mental Field Technique session every 6 weeks. 

If you buy a Wellbeing Coaching Package of Care, Mental Field Technique MFT is included in the price.

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