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"The more I learn the more I realise that for total Wellness you have to address every aspect of your life on every level. I believe our bodies are much more than just a physical body.

We also have an energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual element too. To fully allow healing to occur and to restore wellbeing, each of these levels need to be addressed" says Amanda

Having a Wellbeing Coach gives you that support and accountability to move forward and make the necessary changes to regain your health and vitality. It looks at every aspect of your life.

As a Wellbeing Coach Amanda helps you resolve past traumas and looks at your underlying limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and keeping you in pain or experiencing other persisitant symptoms.

Amanda’s passion is to teach and empower you to be the ‘Best You’ you can be. 

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching takes a holistic approach to examining how your personal wellbeing interacts with your values, goals and motivations. It helps you when you are feeling stuck and would like to work through barriers to achievement, wellbeing and improving your health. 

Amanda guides you to bring about a clearer understanding of your issues or concerns, helping you to re-frame and interpret them, by delving deeper into the underlaying causes. It uses your own motivations and strengths and supports behaviour changes through a collaborative, non-judgmental partnership.

Wellbeing Coaching sessions are online via Zoom, so distance is not a problem and you can work with Amanda from the comfort of your own home. Online sessions also work really well with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT or Tapping, Mental Field Technique MFT and Matrix Reimprinting

If you are also working through the Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Programme or the SIRPA Online Recovery Programme then Amanda who is a Wellbeing Coach and a Specialist Practitioner can support you through these online recovery programmes too.

What is the Wellbeing Wheel?

The Wellbeing Wheel addresses 8 key areas, Nutritional Health, Energy Levels (Thyroid & Adrenals), Emotional Health, Environment, Lifestyle & Pace, Relationships, Movement and Life Purpose.

By using the 8 Areas of the Wellbeing Wheel Amanda will coach you through each of these areas and help you set and achieve your health and wellbeing goals.  

In her experience, where there is often the biggest resistance in addressing an area of the wellbeing wheel, this is the area where we see the biggest breakthroughs. 

This is why when working with Amanda as your Wellness Coach she can give you the best support, guidance and encouragement you need to make these important breakthroughs.

How do the Wellbeing Coaching session work?

During your initial consultation, Amanda will go through your Health Profile with you, this give her a really good snapshot of your current health, past traumas and where we need to focus on first. 

Follow-up sessions are bought as a Package of Care, which can be broken down into sessions of 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on your needs, time availability and energy levels.

During your sessions Amanda works with you to help you set and achieve your wellness goals, help you understand who you truly are, and share coping skills with you for a well life. She tailors these sessions to your individual needs and includes other Complementary Therapies where appropriate so you can work at a deeper level.

Amanda intergates EFT Tapping, MFT Tap & Tone, Matrix Reimprinting, Family Constellations, Intergenerational Healing and Internal Family Systems to resolve past traumatic events thus creating new positive neural pathways and beliefs for a healthier, happy life.

How do I start on my Recovery Journey?

What is a Discovery Call?

During your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, Amanda will talk a little about your Health Profile and how working one to one with her can improve your wellness and increase your happiness.

The Discovery Call is the best way to get your personal questions answered about how Wellbeing Coaching works and how Amanda is able to support you.

Initial Consultation plus Bonus Package

At your Initial Consultation Amanda will discuss your Full Health Profile in more detail and help you to pinpoint which of areas would be essential for you to focus on first.

During all of your coaching sessions Amanda maintains an open, welcoming curiosity with regard to whatever is present, without judgement.

She facilitates your Personal Recovery Journey of self-reflection and self-revelation that will transform how you move forward from your starting point with skill and wisdom.

During your Initial Consultation Amanda will introduce you to the Tapping Technique (EFT or MFT) this helps to regulate your nervous system especially while you are discussing sensitive topics.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies included in your Package of Care

To compliment your Wellbeing Coaching sessions Amanda offers the following Complementary Therapies, these are included in your Package of Care. 


How often should I book sessions?

Amanda recommends that at the start of your treatment plan you book your sessions for every one or two weeks. Then as you start to feel better you can move them to every 3 or 4 weeks. 

As you move into the re-learning phase you may only need to see her every two or three months. This gives you the on-going support  that you need at this important stage of your recovery to wellness.

These hours can be used for either Wellbeing Coaching sessions or Complementary Therapies treatments which are included in the Package of Care.

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