Testimonials from my Clients

Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Coaching

“ You are so lovely to work with and I can't thank you enough for your help and support. It is hard to delve deep into feelings and emotions but you have made it all the more easier. I have felt so alone for years with this illness but not any more and I know you are there if I need you. ”
Carol T
“ Having Amanda as a Wellbeing Coach has been a great experience which has transformed me. When we first met I was unable to sit up. She has guided me through the process of recovery. She has reassured me at every stage and has been a light in the darkness. I recommend her to anyone suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue. ”
Carol S

Nerve Reflexology

“ I've been amazed at the results - since beginning treatment I've been migraine free. I am infinitely grateful to Amanda for everything she's done for me. Amanda is professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable. It's been a genuinely life changing experience. I can't recommend her highly enough. ”
“ Amanda Collins has helped me over several years to cope with ongoing health problems (e.g. Arthritis and Migraines) and several of life's challenges (e.g. Bereavement).
I met her at a care home where she was offering Reflexology taster sessions to raise money for the home. This is typical of her generous nature and involvement in the community.

She is well-trained and can help on a variety of levels, both physical (with Reflexology) and psychological (with practical common sense and a listening ear to put life in perspective, as well as help with sorting out priorities and goals). She is good at meeting the client at the point they find themselves at – not expecting the client to rise to her own agenda. She can also suggest other avenues to follow, such as diet or exercise classes.
Amanda is patient, kind, gentle and effective – just what one needs when going through a difficult time in life. I dread to think where I would be without her!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Amanda. ”

“ In 2013 a bone spur pressing on my spinal cord was surgically removed but this left me with Cauda Equina Syndrome causing numbness and weakness in my legs and feet. NHS neurophysiotherapy treatment helped me to progress to walking with a Stick and in late 2014 I started weekly gym sessions to strengthen my legs. I was also walking more than 5,000 steps a day. January 2015 - normal feeling was not returning to my feet and legs and the NHS were not offering any further treatment – I therefore looked for complementary treatment like reflexology.
On starting treatment with Amanda I immediately found myself very relaxed because of her warm personality and the way she explained clearly what she was doing and why. She explained clearly where her pressure on my feet might hurt before doing it. By the end of my first session I found my spirits had lifted due to being able to feel a lot of what Amanda was doing to my feet and decided to continue with weekly sessions.
Although my feet are initially numb I can feel Amanda’s Reflexology stimulation as the session proceeds and by the end of the session I have considerably improved feeling in my feet. When I stand up at the end of the session my feet feel almost normal.This improvement lasts for a few days which helps my walking considerably. ”
Mr Bringes

Fertility Reflexology

“ We have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years when I found out about Amanda's work regarding reflexology to help fertility and IVF. When one is told that the chances of conceiving are low and age is not on your side, I personally think that we have to do everything we can to help the process and the financial commitment IVF treatments requires.
Amanda is extremely professional and is always helping out giving tips and finding out about other things that may help along the process.
I am so grateful to Amanda for all her help and professionalism. Her optimistic approach and support in every step of the long but successful process of having our lovely baby girl.
I had reflexology for a year before we tried our second round of IVF and during that pregnancy. I highly recommend it, if it is just even to relax and take your mind out of all the fears that embarking on IVF brings with it. ”

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