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Testimonials from Amanda's clients


" Having Amanda as a coach has been a great experience which has transformed me.

When we first met I was unable to sit up, she has guided me through the process of recovery.

On holiday recently I completely forgot I was ill for a few days! I recommend her to anyone suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue."

Carol S, London


" I've been amazed at the results - since beginning treatment I've been migraine free.

I am infinitely grateful to Amanda for everything she's done for me.

It's been a genuinely life changing experience, I can't recommend her highly enough."

NK, Redhill


" You are so lovely to work with and I can't thank you enough for your help and support.

It is hard to delve deep into feelings and emotions but you have made it all the more easier.

I have felt so alone for years with this illness but not any more and I know you are there if I need you "

Carol T, Solihull


If you are interested in how The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme can help you on your journey to Recovery, then please contact Amanda for a Free Health Review

Please email: amanda@restoringbalance.org.uk

Amanda receiving her Chrysalis Effect Pioneer Award