PhotonWave Light Therapy

PhotonWave Light Therapy

"light does affect physical and psychological wellbeing"

Nowadays Light stimulation is commonly used. 

The power of the electromagnetic spectrum is recognized and rediscovered. Especially that part that we perceive as visible light, is absolutely necessary for normal brain functioning.

What is the connection between the influence of LIGHT and the proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system?

It is based on the theory that light stimulation of the optic nerve sends “photocurrent” not only to the visual cortex but also to other braincenters, including the hypothalamus the brain’s master controller. The hypothalamus governs the autonomic nervous system, the pineal gland, the limbic system etc

What is the origin of 'lack of light'?

Generally: Mall-illumination: too little sunlight, too much artificial lighting.

More specific: Stress, trauma (traumatic birth, incest, rape) brain injury, mild brain injury, whiplash etc. These causes lead to a constricted optic nerve and as a result light input is restricted. The electrical impulses are insufficient, we could say the person suffers from “mall-illumination”. (This restriction can be measured with the visual field tester)

PhotonWave Colour-Light stimulation

Clinical application of PhotonWave Color Light stimulation has proven to be remarkably successful in such cases as:

PhotonWave machine

Specific PhotonWave Programmes

The Detox program:  The Photonwave Detoxification program of heavy metals, based on Dr Klinghardt’s protocol, is considered to be one of the most effective and fastest methods to help the body get rid of mercury, nickel, aluminium, cadmium etc.

Allergies, fungi: Candida Program – The allergy program presents a unique way of dealing with allergies of all kind.

The ADHD and ADD program is for children and parents the quickest method ever heard of to get their lives in balance without stressful exercises.

Traumatic and emotional experiences are being resolved without too painful memories and a new future can begin.

The specific PhotonWave programmes mentioned above are based on the work of Dr Klinghardt and Leona Vermeire

This will depend on how big your toxic load is and the number of toxins found. 

Generally, in clinical practice it is advisable to give 2 light sessions in the first week (3 – 4 days apart). Next sessions can be given once a week or twice a week.

For chronic conditions it is recommend to start with 12 sessions, 1-2 weekly depending on the patient/client’s availability. These sessions don’t have to be given all in one block, however, improvements will be seen sooner with more frequent sessions. Further blocks of 6 treatments can then be booked.

1-3 sessions can make a real difference, from feeling less foggy, more focused, less pain and feeling more positive energy. Although it is relatively difficult to predict how many sessions will be needed, depending on the condition being acute or chronic

Detox Programs can only be given at least 3-4 days apart, so as to not overburden the body. Energy Booster programmes can be given every day. Other programs can be given every day and on days between the Detox Programs. For conditions such as pain relief, headaches, sore throat, fever, programs can be given twice a day.

The easiest way to test for toxins, allergens, colours or specific programs is to use muscle testing, such as Autonomic Response Testing ART or Kinesiology.

If I cannot use muscle testing due to doing distance work I will detox each set of toxins up to 5 times.

Yes, Dr Klinghardt recommends detoxing in the following order:

  • Heavy metals
  • Vaccines
  • Glyphosate / Roundup
  • Parasites
  • Viruses – Lyme, Borrelia, co-infection etc
  • Bacteria
  • Mould
  • Candida

The simple answer is yes. As Photonwave Light Therapy is an energy based treatment, the light can be sent to you energetically using intention, by having a photo of you on the Photonwave machine instead. If you are not familiar with energy work and how it can be sent through time and space, I do understand that this does sound a bit wacky. It works on the same principle as Distance Reiki Healing. 

Photonwave Light Therapy – Initial Consultation 60 minutes £100
Photonwave Light Therapy – Acute conditions 30 minutes £50
PhotonWave Light Therapy – Initial 12 sessions 12 x 30 mins £600
PhotonWave Light Therapy – Follow on 6 sessions 6 x 30 min £300
Distance PhotonWave Light Therapy via photo – Initial 12 sessions 12 light sessions £500
Distance PhotonWave Light Therapy via photo – Follow on 6 sessions 6 light sessions £250
Additional consultation time will be chargedper 15 mins£25

PhotonWave Light treatments last between 12 – 15 minutes on average, the additional time is to allow time for you to settle yourself and ask questions if necessary.

The video below is of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt giving a talk at the International Light Association Conference in 2016

Photonwave Light FAQ

How long is a Light Therapy Sessions?

Your initial Therapy Therapy session will be for 1 hour  and follow up  sessions normally last 30 minutes. The light programmes last between 6 to 12 minutes and the rest of the session will be spent evaluating and discussing the progress. 

How long does it take to feel a difference?

After a few sessions you should feel a difference, sometimes sooner, in chronic cases it may take longer.

Are there side effects to be considered?

You may expect positive reactions, physical as well as psychological. Also when using the detoxification program some practitioners report wonderful results without side effects. Everyone is  unique and can respond differently.

Medical Disclaimer

Photonwave Light Therapy is NOT intended for medical use or for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any mental health of physical condition. The device/therapy is not to be used as a substitute for medical help. Please consult a licensed medical professional for physical or psychological problems.

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