Packages of Care

Packages of Care

Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Coaching Sessions

Your Chrysalis Effect one to one Wellbeing Coaching sessions are paid for as a Package of Care.

During your Initial Consultation I will discuss with you your personalised options of Package of Care and explain to you fully how this will work for you.

Our experience shows, to get the best results from the Online Recovery Programme we always recommend that you have one to one Wellbeing Coaching sessions with a Specialist Practitioner such as myself. 

I can then tailor the Online Recovery Programme to your individual needs and provide additional complementary therapies where needed.

Packages of Care Costs

Initial Consultation £100 (1 hour)

£600 for 6 hours (recommended)

£100 for 1 hour (pay as you go)

I would recommend that at the start of your Recovery Programme you book your sessions for every one or two weeks. Then as you start to feel better you can move them to every 3 or 4 weeks. 

As you move into the re-learning phase you may only need to see me every two or three months. This gives you the on-going support  that you need at this important stage of your recovery.

These hours can be used for either Wellbeing Coaching sessions or Complementary Therapies treatments.

Chrysalis Effect Online Supported Recovery Programme

The online programme is supplied by The Chrysalis Effect and a monthly payment is made directly to them. The first 30 days are FREE. 

Agile Delivery of Wellbeing Coaching Sessions

Your Package of Care hours can be broken down into 30 minutes slots, this gives you a more personlised way of working with me which is specific to your needs.

For example you may have an one hour Wellbeing Coaching session one week and the following week you may only need a 30 minute catch-up phone call or online session. If you are feeling overwhelmed another week, then we can have a shorter session and so on.

One hour ‘pay as you go’ sessions cannot be broken down into smaller sessions. If you wish to have the flexibility of Agile Delivery with shorter sessions you will need to purchase a 6 hour Package of Care.

Methods of Payment

Payments can be made by bank transfer.

Cancellation of Package of Care

You may cancel your Package of Care at anytime. Any unused whole hours will be refund minus £75 for administration changes.

Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

Missed appointments or cancellation without 24 hours notice will incur the full one hour fee. Thank you in advance for honoring this agreement.

Working with other Chrysalis Effect Practitioners

I work closely with a team of Independent Chrysalis Effect Practitioners who have a broad range of modalities, including being Registered Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Trauma Release practitioners and have all undergone additional specialist accredited training in CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia. 

When you work with me for Wellbeing Coaching, I then take on the role as your Lead Practitioner. This means that you have one person that is overseeing your Recovery. I can then can cross refer you when required to see other Practitioners in my team, such as a Registered Practitioner or if you need Trauma Release work. You can choose to see the other Practitioner along side seeing me or see the other Practitioner and then comes back to me as your Lead Practitioner to continue your Wellbeing Coaching sessions. 

Where a cross referral is made the client will pay the other Chrysalis Effect Practitioner directly.

Restoring Balance Wellness Clinic is the trading name of Amanda Collins, who is an Advanced Level Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, Complementary and Wellness Practitioner.

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