Fertility Reflexology

Pre-Conception & Fertility Reflexology

Whether you have just started to think about planning for a baby or have been trying for a while, Fertility Reflexology will help you to relax and prepare yourself. It is important to prepare yourself both emotionally and physically for the special journey ahead.

Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IVF, IUI & ICSI, can be a very stressful time for you, both physically and emotionally. I have trained in Reproflexology (Fertility Reflexology) which is a specialised course, training Reflexologist to support clients during pre-conception, natural conception and throughout the whole of the assisted conception process.

How can Fertility Reflexology can help me?

Reflexology is fantastic for alleviating stress, which is very important if you are trying to increase your fertility and become pregnant. Stress can negatively affect your ability to conceive for all sexes and Reflexology is known for being deeply calming and relaxing.

It is recommended that you start seeing me for Pre-Conception Care at least 3 months before starting your family either naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Technology. During this time Fertility Reflexology will be applied to help correct any hormonal imbalance, improve physical conditions, correct any cycle irregularities and reduce your stress levels. You will learn how to chart your temperature and how to spot your fertile window in your cycle.

Fertility Reflexology can help ensure your body is in optimum condition for conceiving and help prepare you for fertility treatments. It will support you at every stage of your assisted conception cycle.  Another benefit of having Reflexology is that it gives you valuable ‘me time’. I have noticed that a lot of my clients have not told their family or friends that they are going through assisted conception, this alone can cause stress. During your treatment time with me you will also have the time and space to talk about your assisted conception treatment if you wish. This gives you much needed emotional support by calming anxiety, giving you the strength and positivity for the best possible chance of succeeding. If you require professional counselling about fertility issues please speak with you GP or Fertility Clinic who can arrange this for you.

Fertility Reflexology is just as important for the man too. Sperm takes 90-100 days to mature. Stress, excessive exercise, diet, alcohol, smoking, wifi and mobile phone usage can have a negative impact on sperm quality. By making lifestyle changes where necessary and receiving Fertility Reflexology to help reduce stress levels, you are providing the sperm with the best environment to mature in.

What are the Treatment Plans for Fertility Reflexology?

Initial treatment involves weekly sessions throughout one or two menstrual cycle, then I re-assess your menstrual cycle. Once the menstrual cycle has become regulated, you will change to maintenance program. This involves being treated twice in a menstrual cycle.

Once you are actively trying to conceive you will be treated as close to ovulation as possible and then again 5-7 days post-ovulation to enhance implantation.

Ideally your Reflexology treatments should commence with the Pre-Conceptual Treatment Plan at least 3 months before assisted conception treatment begins.

Treatment plans vary depending on the assisted conception treatment you are having. Fertility Reflexology will be used at each stage of the cycle to enhance the efficacy of the treatment given at that time. Fertility Reflexology treatments are usually given weekly throughout the assisted conception cycle

Initial treatments are for 8 weeks on a weekly basis, followed by fortnightly treatments until subsequent semen analysis results or assisted conception treatment starts.

As with any complementary therapy there is no guarantee of success, however, there is lots of anecdotal evidence to say how reflexology has helped in conception and with going through Assisted Reproduction Treatments, such as IVF. 

Reflexology can certainly help with stress and anxiety at this time, which in itself will help with your fertility.

Cost - Reflexology Fertility

Fertility Initial Consultation via Zoom 60 minutes £100
Fertility Reflexology 60 minutes £60
Maternity Reflexology 60 minutes £60

Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

If treatments are cancelled in less than 24 hours for any other reason then the FULL FEE will be charged.

Thank you in advance for honouring this agreement.


If you are feeling unwell in any way I would rather you cancel or rearrange your appointment rather than risk spreading the virus.

If your treatment is cancelled or deferred at short notice because you have COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19, any standard cancellation fees will be waived at my discretion. I will ask you to kindly confirm in writing that your appointment has been cancelled or deferred because you have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID

Methods of Payment

Payments can be made by bank transfer prior to your treatment or cash on the day, as I do not have a card payment machine.

“ We have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years when I found out about Amanda's work regarding reflexology to help fertility and IVF. When one is told that the chances of conceiving are low and age is not on your side, I personally think that we have to do everything we can to help the process and the financial commitment IVF treatments requires.
Amanda is extremely professional and is always helping out giving tips and finding out about other things that may help along the process.
I am so grateful to Amanda for all her help and professionalism. Her optimistic approach and support in every step of the long but successful process of having our lovely baby girl.
I had reflexology for a year before we tried our second round of IVF and during that pregnancy. I highly recommend it, if it is just even to relax and take your mind out of all the fears that embarking on IVF brings with it. ”

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