Autonomic Response Testing ART

Autonomic Response Testing ART

I closely follow Dr Dietrich Klinghardt teachings of the 5 Levels of Healing and I am one of his qualified Autonomic Response Testing (ART) Practitioners in the UK. I have qualified in varies other therapies which sit nicely into the 5 Levels of Healing and I continue to learn and add new modalities to my tool box.

The 5 Levels of Healing diagram

Our bodies are much more than just a physical body; we are also have an energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual element too. To fully allow healing to occur and to restore wellbeing each of these levels need to be addressed.

Trauma to a higher level causes problems in the lower levels (descending influences) and vice versa (ascending influences). Healing only works as a descending influence, for example, taking Vitamin C on Level 1 cannot change Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD on Level 3.

Healing impulses created with a practitioner on a higher level can penetrate downwards but not upwards. Therefore a healing intervention must be either on the same level where the illness was created or on one of the levels above.

This is shown in my reflexology work where disturbances on the 2nd Level (energy) are picked up before symptoms occur. 

Our bodies are much more than just a physical body; we are also have an energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual element too. To fully allow healing to occur and to restore wellbeing each of these levels need to be addressed.

Read Dr Klinghardt’s full article here

By using Autonomic Response Testing (ART) I can identify stressors in your body such as toxins, structural issues, unresolved emotional trauma, nutritional allergies or deficiencies, infection and energetic blocks etc, see The 7 Factors of Wellness and Chronic Illness for more information.

PhotonWave Light Device

As these stressors are identified, I also find the solutions as we work through the ART session. These solutions can include tapping points, detoxing protocols using PhotonWave Light treatments, emotional releasing techniques such as Tapping & Toning and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, dietary changes, supplements, electromagnetic field (EMF) reduction and lifestyle recommendations.

Whilst there are no guarantees with any holistic or complementary treatments that your symptoms will improve, by slowing eliminating the stressors in your body, your body then has the opportunity to self heal.

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves when they are in a relaxed healing state (parasympathic dominance). Unfortunately we are now living in a more toxic world and our bodies are reflecting this toxicity by being in a more stressed state and we are often in a constant flight, fight or freeze state (sympathetic dominance). In this state, our bodies can lose their ability to self regulate and restore natural balance, in ART we call this blocked regulation.

If you think of your body as a bucket, that over time has been filled with toxins and stressors and is now full, this is when chronic illnesses develop. Our bodies can no longer detox and self heal. By identifying the 7 Factors of Wellness and Chronic Illness we can reduce this toxic burden on your body and so restore balance and wellbeing. This is work in progress and is not a quick fix.

What is Autonomic Response Testing?

Autonomic Response Testing is a simple yet highly effective hands-on muscle testing biofeedback assessment technique used to determine disturbances in your body and suggest possible remedies or interventions. ART is non-invasive, non-electronic, and can be used to assess people of any age. It is a most valuable functional assessment tool in determining the root cause of health disturbances.

ART was developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who blended the muscle testing of Applied Kinesiology with the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of German Neural Therapy. The result is a highly structured muscle testing biofeedback system designed to give reliable and reproducible results.

The “autonomic’ in ART refers to the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system responsible for all the automatic functions of your body such as your heartbeat, breathing, digestion, healing, etc. Detectable and treatable problems within this part of your nervous system are present in all body dysfunction (such as allergies) and all chronic diseases.

It is an essential part of the ART session to find what is causing your body to go into blocked regulation (stressed state) and so I test you against the 7 Factors of Wellness and Chronic Illness. By identify what stressors put you into blocked regulation I can then correct or eliminate these to bring about open regulation (healing state) where your body can self heal. If you were to stay in blocked regulation, no amount of treatments would benefit you in the long term. 

What Happens in an ART Session

Initial Session

An initial Autonomic Response Testing (ART) session will last 2 hours. 

Once you have made a booking, you will receive a comprehensive ART Health Form to complete and return to me prior to your initial session. This gives me time to go over your ART Health Form and prepare for your session.

I work alone and so I work directly on you, the client, to ART muscle test. If I am working on a child I will use the arm of the parent or guardian as the testing arm. I use a combination of the straight arm muscle test and the bi-digital O-ring test.

ART Autonomic Response Testing

A Typical Initial ART Session Involves the Following:

Follow Up Sessions

A follow up ART session lasts 60 minutes. I will check your progress and adjusts the programme to your changing needs.

A Typical Follow Up ART Session Involves the Following:


Autonomic Response Testing – Initial session

2 Hours


Autonomic Response Testing – Shorter initial and follow up sessions

60 minutes


PhotonWave Light Therapy Cost**

Photonwave Light Therapy – Initial Consultation 60 minutes £100
Photonwave Light Therapy – Acute conditions 30 minutes £50
PhotonWave Light Therapy – Initial 12 sessions 12 x 30 mins £600
PhotonWave Light Therapy – Follow on 6 sessions 6 x 30 min £300
Distance PhotonWave Light Therapy via photo – Initial 12 sessions 12 light sessions £500
Distance PhotonWave Light Therapy via photo – Follow on 6 sessions 6 light sessions £250
Additional consultation time will be chargedper 15 mins£25

* Please note any supplements or herbs that are recommended during the ART Session are in addition to the above cost and are purchased directly by the client.

** PhotonWave Light treatments are not included in the ART Session price.

7 Factors of Wellness and Chronic illness

Poor occlusion (bite), spinal subluxations (slight misalignment), facial adhesions (due to inflammation or injury), poorly healed injuries.

Hormones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-factors, water, oxygen, hydrogen.

Microbial endo and exotoxins, man made chemicals, heavy metals, metabolic waste, senescent cells.

Microwave radiation from mobile phone broadcasting or smart meter, household currents and fields, ground current, light pollution from computers, mobile phones, CFLs (energy saving bulbs) and fluorescent lights, magnetic fields, geopathic stress from mother earth. 

With immediate change in the autonomic nervous system activity followed by a secondary phenomena such as cytokine and mast cell activation, and tertiary adrenal hormone secretion.

New and old scars , metal implants in the jaw or joints, charge build-up in spinal membranes and fascia, metals in dental restorations, jewellery, clothing, tattoos and piercings.

Level 3 Healing: unresolved emotional and mental trauma and conflicts (from your personal biography).

Level 4 Healing: unresolved ancestral trauma and conflicts, curses and thought-field influences, carry-over trauma from past lives and pre-life realities.

Level 5 Healing: guiding and correcting influences from the source (that may be perceived as illness, accident or fate. 


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